The most common mistakes when painting wooden furniture

Painting furniture is a cheap way to renew your decor. The painted furniture, especially of unexpected colors, are trend, and an easy to implement. Search furniture with good lines and unexpected styles in thrift stores or garage sales. You can get them for low prices, and with a few layers of paint you will have a piece full of personality for your home. But painting has its technique, and make sure you do not make the most common mistakes, as they can affect the finished:

Do not sanding enough

All furniture that you think to paint should be sanded, whether of wood or not, since the rough surface helps the paint to adhere better. Use a fine sandpaper for wood, and always sand the same direction as the grain of the wood. Take your time, since if you leave scratches, these will be noticed more when you paint the furniture. After sanding you should clean the wood. Sprinkle first and then wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

Do not use base

Another common mistake when painting furniture is not using base paint. Some furniture comes ready to paint, but a layer of base paint is just as important. The base paint helps the color paint to adhere better and last longer. If your furniture is dark, the base paint is important so that the color you chose will look sharp. Paint a thin layer of white or gray base paint. Allow the cabinet to dry completely before adding layers of colored paint so that no bubbles are blown.

Plan where to start

Painting a chair is not as easy as painting a table. Even if you think it may take less time, intricate furniture should be painted more carefully. Think that you will not be able to touch the parts you paint first for several hours, so you must accommodate the wooden furniture that you can access to each space that should be painted if you need to move it. Paint the harder parts first, and leave the ones closest to the end.

Use poor quality brushes

After all the work it takes to prepare a furniture for painting, do not ruin it with bad quality brushes. Cheap brushes lose bristles as you paint, and they can also leave marks on the paint. The only way to fix this is to wait for the paint to dry, sand and paint again. Save yourself the extra work and invest in good brushes. Remember that good quality brushes can last for years, so the investment can get you cheaper over time.

Do not wait long enough for it to dry

Another common mistake is not waiting enough time for the paint to dry. After hours of painting you are probably excited to put the furniture back in your house and start using it, but to prevent marks you should expect it to be completely dry. This can take several days, usually 48 hours. If you painted thick layers, you may have to wait several more days. Painting thin layers of paint and waiting several hours each will help you save drying time at the end.