Ten common mistakes when painting walls

Do you desists to paint a room? Or your whole house? If you are a beginner this may seem like a complicated task, but in reality, it is simpler than it seems. That yes, you must be careful with some details, as they can result in a bad finished. Discover what the mistakes you should avoid are and how to solve them:

Do not clean walls

Your walls may look clean, but this is due to lack of light or having a satin luster. If you paint on dirty walls, this will not be noticed until you finish, and it can be more complicated to solve it. So take some time to clean the walls well, with dish soap and water before beginning.

Do not use base

A base first helps the paint adhere better to the surface, resulting in better coverage of regular paint. To save layers and layers of paint, using a first base.

Remove the painter’s tape when the paint dries

Surely you already know that you have to use painter’s tape to protect edges, plugs, handles, etc., but do you know when to remove it? Do not wait until the paint has dried to remove it, as it can take off the paint you just put on. Instead, remove the tape just you finish the last layer. Believe me, the painting will not run.

Not having enough paint

It is true that if the painting is finished you can buy more, but did you know that even if you buy the same tone this can be different? It is very difficult for two people to achieve exactly the same mixture, since a few drops of more can make a big difference. Buy more paint than you need, because it will come in handy when making arrangements.

Put the brush in the can completely

When using a brush, it should not be completely inserted into the can. Do not try to touch the background. Instead, dip the brush only two – thirds. This way you will not be wasting paint.

Paint layers without waiting for it to dry

Impatience can be your worst enemy when it comes to painting. One layer is not enough when painting, so you should expect each to dry before painting again. Let several hours between coats, but where possible wait 24.

Paint on wet days

On humid days the paint takes longer to dry, so it is advisable to paint on dry days. If possible, also paints in day fresh, when you can have all open windows to advance the drying process.

Use poor quality rollers and brushes

In tempting go for cheaper rollers and brushes, but it can ruin your project. Choose the right depending on the type of paint you plan to use tools, and invests in quality. Good rollers and brushes can last for years, avoid wasting paint and achieve a better result.

Do not protect the floor and other furniture

Always, always, it protects the floor and other furniture, but think only paint a small section. Use blankets, painter’s tape or trash bags. Even if you’re wordy, accidents happen.

Painting switch plates

Think of the details when you paint. Switch plates must not be painted. Take some time to remove them before beginning, or cover them with painter’s tape. If you want a professional result, you must think like a professional.