Paint your home tips

Many people take advantage of their summer break at work to invest time in some changes in the home. Paint the walls

Of the house is not only a gesture of decoration but also of hygiene to contribute a greater cleaning to the space.

The color of the walls

Paint the walls of the house is a good initiative to renew a stay by changing the color. One of the trends in decoration is to paint one wall in a striking shade giving the other a classic or neutral color. This combination brings balance and luminosity thanks to the influence that color has on the perception of a space. An aspect that should always be appreciated, but especially in small areas.

When painting a room at home it is advisable not to analyze this area independently of the other rooms but it is advisable to find a harmony and coherence in the floor so that there is a common decoration.

To choose the exact shade of paint you are looking for your home you can take a representative sample using a piece of cloth and show it to the clerk of the paint store so you can advise.

The type of paint best to paint the house is plastic because it is odorless. In addition, it has a quick drying. The paint residue is also cleaned easily with water. In case the paint on the walls is in good condition it is advisable to clean them using a damp cloth to remove the dust and then dry them with another cloth.

Material needed to paint the house

Necessary to paint the house material is: bucket with wringer, roller, brushes to paint more delicate areas like the corners or edges of the windows, use old sheets to cover furniture and cardboard to cover the floor of the house. It is also advisable to use a ladder to reach the highest area.