Ideas to decorate and paint a kitchen in light blue

The colors blue can evoke images of skies of summer or the sky. The kitchens with shades of blue work with different styles of decoration. Whether you want to capture the feel of the cottage style, the beach or the old world charm of a French country house, painting and decorating a light blue kitchen has several simple decorating options.


The cottage decor is casual, comfortable and cozy. Painting the walls of the kitchen in light blue creates an ideal blank canvas to incorporate the white decorations of this style. Add a white wooden table with sliding back chairs for a rustic and cozy atmosphere. Place an old pantry or sideboard to have more storage space and decorate with knobs or blue handles. It accentuates with light blue accessories, like towels to dry dishes, blue hibiscus or a blue decorative bowl full of lemons. Hang a white and blue valance on the windows and add blue carpets on the wooden floors, to highlight the cottage environment.


The Victorian style incorporates casual yet elegant decor. The typical Victorian design plays with a palette of light blue, mauve and cream colors. Paint the kitchen walls and neutral creamy cabinets. Apply mauve paint to cabinetry panels and decorate them with light blue to highlight the Victorian color scheme. Display light blue dishes on a shelf for dishes or shelves. Wrought iron fixtures are used in traditional Victorian decor, such as light blue candle holders with mauve candles. Cover the kitchen windows with cream-colored transparent panels and place a light blue cloth border.

Beach house

The beach house style reflects days of relaxation, where life is good. Add a fresh layer of light blue paint on the walls and kitchen cabinets to introduce the colors of the ocean. Add a wicker table with glass top and wicker chairs in natural or white color to enhance the design of the beach house. Add comfortable seats with white and blue stripes to the chairs. Place bamboo blinds or stick to filter the light and add texture. Vases with fresh flowers add life and color to the beach house decor.

French country

The French style country house d├ęcor is warm and inviting, incorporating rustic and antique trimmings. Use the blue as clear as you can on the kitchen walls. Paint the cabinets in a slightly darker shade of blue, and add knobs or rustic handles. Cover an open shelf with blue paint, fill it with wicker baskets to store kitchen items, utensils or candles. Add a rustic wooden table and chairs with wrought iron decorative accents. Place a rug with earthy, light tan and blue tones on the wood or slab floors.