Ideas for painting a lion face

Paint a face is a creative way to spend an afternoon weekend, it makes the holidays a special celebration and offers parents and children a way to express their individuality while having fun together. Whether attending an event sporting or host a party family, you can design lion faces with a little patience, time and some materials.


If your child wants to pretend to be a lion for a day, Face Painting Designs’ Lion provides a traditional face that is easy to make and only requires a few colors. Have a brush and a cup of water nearby for each color. Yellow, white and black are required. It begins by covering the forehead with yellow paint. Continue to paint with the same color on the temple and on the sides, including the cheeks, under the chin and down the line of the jaw.

Then paint with white around the nose and cheeks, under the eyes and even on the eyelids. Extend white until just above the lips. The final detail is to add details in black with a small brush. The sides of the forehead are painted black (a couple of straight lines on each side) as well as from inside the eye and along the part of the eyelid. Color the black nostrils, add black lips with curved lines that extend out of the corner of each corner and make black dots above the lips and cheeks for a mouth effect.

Name and lion’s feet

If you have a preschooler with minimal ability to remain seated or a small daughter who just wants you to paint her face in a hurry, officially name her as a lion and use a little lion, it serves both purposes. The only materials that are needed are brushes, water cups, gold or brown, black and white colors. For starters, cover the entire face in gold or brown. Then write the word lion in block letters with black paint on the forehead. To finish, either by hand or with the plastic lid of a milk container make a large circle on each cheek, slightly down and out of the corners of the mouth. Use black to draw and color five smaller circles above the big one. Once finished, the legs are made. Add mustaches if you wish with fine black lines coming out from the nose.

Blue lion

Whether you’re a Detroit Lions fan of the National League or just like the color blue, the lion face with blue paint Designs is a different option from the traditional design. You need blue, yellow, green and white paint, clean brushes, disposable cups filled with water, one for each color and a wet cloth or paper in your workstation before beginning. The first step is to paint the chin, jaw and forehead around the eyes with white paint.

Then color the lips and blue nose, adding a swirl line to each side of the lips. Add a few blue dots over the lips, nose and sides to make them look mustaches. Pass yellow paint next to each eye and above the front line and inward, forming a T-shape at the tip of the nose. Spend green paint on forehead above yellow paint. Add blue paint for a design effect inside the eye, up and over the eyelids to finish with gold clasp. The lines at the edges of the forehead and temple make this fearful design in a fun way.


When you apply paint to your face, calculate more time in your schedule to complete the intended design. It can be frustrating as children become restless and moving even under the most resounding “Please do not do that”.

Always use non-toxic, non-toxic skin paints and be aware in advance if your child has allergies or is too sensitive to ingredients. Pay special attention to the eyes, nose and corners of the mouth when passing a brush or sponge with paint. The sun block also looks like white paint and is a good idea for the area of ​​the lips.

Perform a test on a small part of the cheek or jaw line to see if your child is sensitive to paint.

Finally, have cotton swabs on hand to help you erase small mistakes.