How to paint an iron gate

An iron gate is used to create an entry through a fence or on the road entrance to the house, and provides an element of security attractive for your property. As on iron can grow mold because it is outside, the door will require regular maintenance to maintain its attractive appearance. Before painting an iron gate you must prepare the surface of the material properly. If the iron surface does not have rust, paint will adhere effectively.


  1. Rub the wire brush on the iron door to remove rust and peeling paint. Perform this step carefully so that the wire bristles penetrate into the cracks of the Iron Gate.
  2. Sand the surface iron with a rough rasp and sandpaper to remove any oxide which protects the metal. Continues sanding to remove all rust and, if necessary, sanding the areas where iron is exposed.
  3. Soak a cloth with mineral and rub alcohol on the iron surface.
  4. Place a plastic tarp on the floor and on surfaces around the door to protect these areas from splashes of chemicals and paint.
  5. Mixture of 15 parts water and 1 part of phosphoric acid in a bucket. Wets the door with water. Put on gloves and dip a cloth into the mixture of acid and rub it on the Iron Gate to neutralize any rust that is left on the door. Let the acid solution sit on the surface for five minutes and then rub the iron gently with a brush to remove remaining oxide. Rinse the door with water and let it dry.
  6. Rub again on wire brush to remove any iron oxide is loose on the surface after treatment with phosphoric acid.
  7. Shake a can of spray metal primer vigorously for at least three minutes and hold the can at a distance of 12 inches (30 cm) of the door. Primer sprayed evenly over the iron moves forward and backward slowly to the aerosol spray evenly over the surface. Continue stirring and applying the aerosol to coat iron evenly with the primer. Let the product dry completely during the time recommended on the label.
  8. Shake the spray paint in the same way you did with the primer and hold the paint container the same distance iron you did it with the above product. Spray paint on iron with the same technique as the previous step: starting from the top of the door, spraying paint slowly to the bottom. Make paint penetrates every crevice of iron. Let the paint dry completely before using the door.