How To Mix Latex Paints

Paints can be combined with base common as latex, which are composed of water. You can mix leftovers or cans smaller paint latex to obtain a greater amount uniform color. This can be a useful way to use leftover paint, to take better advantage of what you already have or even to clarify the colors of latex paints pigmented with white or light colors. Before mixing, you should know what type of latex paint you have and how to mix it.


  1. Check a color circle to decide which colors to combine the paintings you already have. The tones that appear between the colors of your painting are the closest to the final result you will get. If your current paint colors are not primary (red, yellow, or blue), you might end up with a neutral, brown, or beige color.
  2. Inspect paint can labels. Only mix exterior latex paint with another of the same type. Also, mix only interior latex paint with another of the same variety. Ignore the gloss of the finish of the paintings, as the final result will have a level of brightness between the two mixed tones. For example, mixing a semi-gloss paint with an opaque paint will give you a gloss like an egg shell or a satin finish.
  3. Place the paintings in a five-gallon bucket (20 liters).
  4. Thoroughly mix the paint with a mixing rod. Continue mixing for a couple of minutes once the color becomes consistent, just to make sure you have fused the paintings completely.
  5. Pour the mixed paint into separate containers for tight storage, if you are not going to use it immediately.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never mix oil paintings with latex paints.