How dilute latex paint

Latex paint is water-based paints. Usually, this is thicker than oil-based paint and must be diluted with water, especially if you try to spread a thin coat of paint on the surface with a nozzle or spray paint gun. Dilute the paint requires care to achieve the proper viscosity for application and prevent this is too diluted.

  1. Open the can of paint. If the paint is in a metal can, take a flathead screwdriver. Shoes head screwdriver under the lid. Press the screwdriver handle to loosen the seal. Repeat this process three or four times around the cover. When this opens, get her out of the paint.
  • This method can be used in both old paint cans as new.
  1. Stir the paint. Use a stick to paint latex paint stir for 5 to 10 minutes. Stir the paint with a spiral upward and downward movement. This will combine the heavy molecules that sit on the bottom with the lighter molecules that sit on top.
  • Another method for mixing paint is repeatedly pouring a bucket or can of paint to another.
  • Instead of a rod for painting, using an electric drill with an accessory for mixing paint.
  1. Evaluates the consistency of the paint. Look at the paint leaving the painting rod. Take the rod paint and hold it on the paint can. If the paint is clear from the rod looks like a uniform, thick cream, it does not require the dilute and actually do may return unusable. If paint is in the rod or in lumps follows, needs the dilute.
  • You can also use a funnel to evaluate the consistency of the paint. Hold a funnel over the paint. Use a ladle to pour the paint into the funnel. If this runs easily, then the paint is diluted enough. If does not run easily through the funnel, must be diluted.