Calculating costs painting work – Part 3


  1. Find out what the prices are often raised in each of the local markets to attend, as well as for different types of customer are.
  • One way to fix tariffs in which you can trust is using analysis of “cost of living”. In other words, start figuring out how much is your time worth as a professional. Made from there an offer. Then find out what other painters in the area charge. You can do this by calling and asking for an estimate.
  • Contractors want their budgets are competitive: no higher than the competition unless the quality is definitely higher, but not significantly lower.
  1. Remember that experience counts. The novice painters should not expect to receive the same rates than those with 20 years in the business. However, they should not also offer their labor at cost, especially if they want to do quality work.


  • Know your customers. When it comes to getting good prices for a job, a little conversation can be very productive. Ask your customers to specify the work as possible, this will clarify more work that takes and what it might be. Making quick estimates it could take to make erroneous quotes.


  • Regarding tools for estimating projects, you do not need expensive software – especially because in general, you would be difficult to include all these factors in a program. Be your own expert including all these factors, and those who consider it appropriate to include in a single Excel spreadsheet or similar program. A good worksheet can easily include all your costs broken down. These estimates detailed impress your clients for your professionalism and certainly make your contribution clearer.