Advantages and disadvantages of electrostatic painting

The paint electrostatic linking process is electrically and chemically special layers of paint to metal surfaces. An artifact of spray paint electrostatic charge positively paint particles as they leave the spray gun. The metallic paint receiving surface is negatively charged. The painting is immediately attracted to the surface because of the attraction of electric charges of opposite sign. The electrostatic painting is an effective process for some applications.

Increased performance

Performance and durability of the paint applied electrostatically surpasses any other type of coat of paint. Each particle paint is electrically connected to the metal surface. The result is a flawless finish that dries quickly and is extremely durable. During the manufacturing process of electrical household, office furniture and cars, finishing topcoats generally applied with electrostatic paint.

Highly toxic paints

Electrostatic paintings are based solvent and contain high gloss enamel with an extremely high percentage of volatile organic compounds. During the application process, electrostatic paint releases a large amount of toxic fumes, therefore, the application site should be reviewed rigorously and have a high rate of ventilation. In a closed environment, the vapors may accumulate, creating a danger of explosion and health hazard to the operator.

High initial costs

In addition to the high cost of paint and coatings, the need to apply electrostatic painting equipment it is much more expensive than similar capacity equipment Airless high volume low pressure (HVLP by its acronym in English) of spray paint. A painting contractor can buy commercial airless sprayer capacity for less than $ 250 (2011 prices). A HVLP similar equipment used to paint and varnish it can cost US $ 100 or more. Artifacts for electrostatic painting cost 10 times those figures. Portable commercial grade equipment for electrostatic painting sold for US $ 3,000 to US $ 4,000.

Narrow target market

The target market for electrostatic painting is very narrow. Electrostatic painting is widely used to make furniture officiate, appliances and automobiles, however, to expand this market requires an expensive marketing work and develop an extensive network of contacts. A contractor painting work with an existing business can add electrostatic painting services offered, and absorb the initial cost while developing the activity. However, in this narrow industry, a contractor wishing to provide services only electrostatic painting may not be able to get enough work to justify their initial expenses.