How to Paint a Concrete Floor

Cement floors are found in many homes. Either in the garage or basement, cold and gray cement appearance only adds to the grim appearance of these rooms usually forgotten your home.  Add a layer of paint to your floor cement can illuminate your basement or your garage make you feel like new.


  1. Remove grease from your cement floor by pouring a layer of cat litter and baking soda. These will absorb grease or oil that may have fallen from your car or tools in the garage.
  2. Sweep the mixture of baking soda and cat litter and look for other greasy areas left. These should be treated more aggressively with a commercial grease remover before starting to paint.
  3. Mop the cement floor to remove dust or dirt remaining after sweeping. You will need to let the cement dry for at least 3 days before proceeding with your project.
  4. Repair any cracks with a cement fill once the floor is clean and dry. The manufacturer’s instructions will give you information on the drying and curing times of the product.
  5. Use a roller to apply a cement base. This is a base paint specially designed for cement floors and is needed to help the top layer adhere.
  6. Choose a high-quality latex paint for your cement floor. Since this area is heavily trafficked, you should use the best paint you can afford to make sure it lasts a long time.
  7. Paint around the edges of the floor with a medium brush. Then apply paint to the rest of the floor with a roller, starting from one corner of the room and moving toward the exit. If you are working in a garage, the best strategy may be to work with the doors open, painting from the back to the front.
  8. Create a decorative look by making patterns with the paint on the concrete floor. You can make a variety of treatments by imitating the marble, slab, or even the appearance of a carpet on your cement floor.